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Bio-Design for the Real World

Bio-Design for the Real World

BIO-DESIGN for the REAL WORLD is an interdisciplinary and collaborative research project to define, build, and field-test prototypes that require the integration of wetware, hardware, and software to address real world water problems.

The project is a partnership between (Art)ScienceBLR with design students from the Srishti Institute of Art, Design & Technology, (Bangalore, India) the Lifepatch citizen initiative in art, science and technology (Yogyakarta, Indonesia), and
students at the School of Life Sciences at EPFL (Lausanne, Switzerland).


Within the broad framework of the Biodesign project, in India, we had two main objectives:
1. How do you get community participation in gathering data?
2. How do you make this data more meaningful to the average citizen?

We explored different ways of gathering and disseminating information about pollutants in water, especially Arsenic.
We looked at building devices to test for water quality, designing maps and conceptualising ways of visualizing
this data. Along with water, we also collected stories about water sources and water sheds.

Few of the projects I was involved with are :

Bio-Design Winter School

Water sampling across Arunachal Pradesh

PCB printing using laser cutting

State of Our Environment : Workshop at Srishti

Diatom isolation process

Mapping in Yogyakarta

I was involved in making DIY devices, collecting and analysing samples, working on the bio-reporters, making an interactive video map of data and stories, teaching assistance and documentation.