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Ecosystem Songs

Ecosystem Songs

Ecosystem Songs is a collaborative project with Earth Co.Lab, the Indian Sonic Research Organisation and (Art)ScienceBLR.

“Let’s reconsider how we view an ecosystem, its components, status and health”

“How would we measure these? What does it mean to ‘measure’?”

“Can we expand our language, science and ecology to include sensory experiences like sound as a tool to understand variation?”

“Can we measure with music? Can science be written in sound?”

Ecosystem songs is a pedagogical experiment with electronics, sound, and ecology. It uses physical computing tools to develop ecological sensors in an effort to rethink how we perceive ecological data. What we were ideating was a hack that is not independent of human observation – the use of the tool would be driven by observation and requires the user to physically explore spaces. While technology today tends to breed isolation, this hack is intended to enhance our engagement with the living environment around us.

The ‘Ecosystem Tuner’ is an experiment that aims to explore all these questions and ideas. In this orchestra each parameter functions as an instrument – and each instrument has a set range of frequencies that correspond to the relevant scale of measurement. Every ecosystem has a unique symphony and each symphony carries a vast amount of information about the conditions, health and history of that space.

We have started to build this as a two-part device – the ‘helmet’ and the ‘spider’ which explore Swamp ecologies.



Each device is outfitted with a number of sensors, designed to extend the range of our ability to sense and understand an ecosystem.

I am involved in the development, design, production and outreach stages.

Images by Tasneem Khan and Shreyasi Kar